About Us

Guardian International Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It is an automotive -grade chip supply chain service provider integrating agency and distribution.

We are committed to providing electronic component solutions for global automotive electronic product manufacturers, it involve new energy, communication, medical, industrial and other fields.

As the world's leading automotive-grade chip supply chain service provider, Guardian has been committed to offering professional BOM solution consultation for over ten years, focusing on cost reduction and promoting local chips.

The company passed the ISO9001 system certification in 2018, and began to work with local automotive-grade chip design companies to promote application in the global market in 2019.

Why Choose Us

Why is Guardian worth your choice?

Abundant global procurement channels and customer resources, differentiated price advantages

In-depth cooperation with original factories such as NXP/ST/INFINEON, and has exclusive supply resources of automotive, industrial and other product lines. Cooperate with global agents of Arrow/ AVNET/ WPI/ WT to make in-depth cooperation in the whole area and multiple dimensions, allocate their global inventory resources.

Fast and timely delivery ability to satisfy customer production and delivery

2 hours quick quote response
2-7 days for timely delivery of actions
Timely after-sales feedback

Professional quality control and service mechanism: Ensure the quality of delivered materials

Professional supplier introduction mechanism and strict supplier qualification assessment mechanism.
Professional incoming inspection mechanism.
In-depth cooperation with professional third-party testing institutions.

Positive Guardian/Taitao team: Consistently efficient and dynamic

The senior leadership team has over 20 years of rich experience, offering customers professional information integration resources. Young sales team always maintains a passionate state to provide customers with more efficient and high-quality services.

Our Team