Learn what an automotive grade chip is | GUARDIAN

Learn what an automotive grade chip is | GUARDIAN

Wide operating temperature range

The operating temperature range of commercial electronics is 0℃ to 70℃. Compared to electrical parts for commercial uses, automotive components and chips have higher requirements.

For example, the operating temperature range of components and chips in and around the engine is -40℃ to 150℃. That of components in and around the passenger compartment is -40℃ to 85℃.

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How the Chip Shortage Is Forcing Auto Makers to Adapt | WSJ

 Guardian International Electronics Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Taitao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. fpga chip exporters, It is an fpgas chip supply, automotive -grade chip supply chain service provider integrating agency and distribution.
 We are committed to providing electronic component solutions for global automotive electronic product manufacturers, it involve new energy, communication, medical, industrial and other fields. 

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What is the role of automotive grade chip?

"Chip" represents the original semiconductor product, which is what we often call an integrated circuit. If the mobile phone chip is the "brain" of this mobile phone, then the car chip is equivalent to the brain of the car. Among them, automotive chips can be mainly divided into three categories: "functional chips", "power semiconductors" and "sensors".
1. The function chip (MCU) is also called "micro control unit". If the electronic control system, infotainment system, powertrain system, vehicle motion system and other system functions in the car want to run normally, they all need to use This type of functional chip can be realized, and the most popular "automatic driving system" is also inseparable from functional chips.
2. Power semiconductors are mainly used in automotive power control systems, lighting systems, fuel injection, chassis safety and other systems. Traditional fuel vehicles generally use them in fields such as start-up, power generation, and safety; new energy vehicles require a large number of power semiconductors. To realize the frequent voltage conversion requirements of vehicles, in addition, the support of power semiconductors is indispensable in many parts of electric vehicles.
3. The car sensor is the input device of the car computer system. Its function is to convert the information of various working conditions in the running of the car, such as the speed of the car, the temperature of various media, the operating conditions of the engine, etc., into electrical signals and send them to the computer, so that The car is in top working condition. Such as oxygen sensor, tire pressure sensor, water temperature sensor, electronic accelerator pedal position sensor and so on.

What is the role of automotive grade chip?

What does an automotive grade chip look like?

Automotive chips are the integrated circuits of vehicles, which are semiconductor components. If a motor vehicle lacks chips, the vehicle will not be able to run, and the vehicles produced will not use chips and cannot be sold in the market. The lack of chips will directly lead to a reduction in vehicle production, and vehicle sales will be affected.

The chip in the motor vehicle is a very important part of the driving computer. If the chip fails or lacks the chip, the driving computer will not be able to operate. The driving computer is related to the normal operation of the motor vehicle. The data collected by the sensors in the relevant parts of the motor vehicle will be sent back to the driving computer. The driving computer controls the relevant auxiliary systems of the vehicle to make the motor vehicle run normally without problems.

What does an automotive grade chip look like?

What is automotive grade chip?

Automotive grade chip is an electronic component installed on a car, that is, a car chip, which mainly connects car power, media equipment, entertainment system, and body system
MCU (driving computer board); at present, there are three main types of automotive chips:
1. Chips responsible for computing power and processing, such as AI chips for autonomous driving perception and fusion, traditional MCUs for engine/chassis/body control (electronic control
2. Chips responsible for power conversion, such as IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and other power devices;
3. Sensor chip chips, used for various radars for automatic driving, as well as airbags, tire pressure detection, etc.

What is automotive grade chip?

Automotive chips for sensors.

Automotive sensors such as tire pressure sensors, water temperature sensors, electronic accelerator pedal position sensors are developed and operated based on chips.

Automotive chips for sensors.
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Cars and vehicles are becoming smarter and smarter thanks to automotive chips. automotive grade chip mcu, There are 3 types of automotive chips:Micro control unit (MCU).Automotive power chips.Automotive chips for sensors.

-High standards -Long lifespan -Wide operating temperature range -Excellent resistance to harsh environments -Quality consistency

A traditional car needs 500 to 600 automotive chips.   An electric car needs about 2,000 automotive chips as it has a large amount of DC-AC inverters, transformers, converters, and these modules lead to an increase of IGBT, MOSFET, diodes and on in a car.

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