BC807-25-Q NXP



BC807-25-Q NXP 1.All products described or contained are designed and intend-ed for use in standard applications, so called commercial/indus-trial grade,requiring an ordinary level of reliability.
2.Some products are available with the special grades "AEC-Q101 compliant"respectively "AEC-Q101 qualified". These areintended for applications up to ASIL B, but not for ASIL Cor D3).
3.Customers using these parts in applications requiring a spe-cial or specific grade of quality or reliability,such as (but notlimited to) life supporting medical,military, aerospace,sub-marines, nuclear power etc, are obliged to validate whether theuse in such cases is appropriate. Usage in such cases is on theown and sole risk of the customer.4.If these products are to be used in applications requiring aspecial or specific grade of quality or reliability (refer to item
3.), in which failure or malfunction of the product may directlyaffect human life or health, user shall contact in advance DiotecSemiconductor AG's Managing Board (Heitersheim, Germany) toconfirm that the intended use of the product is appropriate.
5.Although Diotec continuously enhances the quality and relia-bility of its products,customers must incorporate sufficient safe-ty measures in their designs, such as redundancy, fire contain-ment, and anti-failure, so that personal injury, fire or environ-mental damage can be prevented. Diotec excludes explicitly ev-ery implied warranty or liability regarding the fitness of theproducts to any other than standard applications.
6.All information described or contained herein are subject tochange without notice. Please contact Diotec to obtain the lat-est information before incorporating Diotec products into anydesign.
7.All information described and contained herein are intendedonly to enable the buyer to order Diotec's products. The infor-mation must not be used for any other purpose.
8. In the event that any product described or contained hereinfalls under the category of strategic products controlled by theBundesamt fur Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle,Germany,thisproduct must not be exported without obtaining an export li-cense from the Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Technolo-gie, Germany in accordance with the valid laws.


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