DRV10983PWPR    TI

DRV10983PWPR    TI
DRV10983PWPR    TI
DRV10983PWPR    TI
DRV10983PWPR    TI


DRV10983PWPR    TI

• Input Voltage Range: 8 to 28 V
• Total Driver H + L rDS(on): 250 mΩ
• Drive Current: 2-A Continuous Winding Current (3-A Peak)
• Sensorless Proprietary Back Electromotive Force (BEMF) Control Scheme
• Continuous Sinusoidal 180° Commutation
• No External Sense Resistor Required
• For Flexibility User May Include External Sense Resistor to Monitor Power Delivered to Motor
• Flexible User Interface Options:
– I 2C Interface: Access Registers for Command and Feedback
– Dedicated SPEED Pin: Accepts Either Analog or PWM Input
– Dedicated FG Pin: Provides TACH Feedback
– Spin-Up Profile Customizable With EEPROM
– Forward-Reverse Control With DIR Pin
• Integrated Step-Down Regulator to Efficiently Provide Voltage (5 V or 3.3 V) for Internal and External Circuits
• Supply Current 3 mA With Standby Version (DRV10983)
• Supply Current 180 μA With Sleep Version (DRV10983Z)
• Overcurrent Protection
• Lock Detection
• Voltage Surge Protection
• UVLO Protection
• Thermal Shutdown Protection
• Thermally-Enhanced 24-Pin HTSSOP


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