E-L9823TR ST

E-L9823TR  ST
E-L9823TR  ST
E-L9823TR  ST
E-L9823TR  ST

E-L9823TR ST

E-L9823TR  ST

Outputs current capability up to 0.5 A
■Cascadable SPI control for outputs
■Reset function with reset signal orundervoltage at VDD
■Programmable intrinsic output voltageclamping at typ. 50 V for inductive switching
■Overcurrent shutdown with latch-off for everywrite cycle (SFPD = low)
■Independent thermal shutdown of outputs(SOA Protection)
■Output status data available on the SPI using8-bit I/O protocol up to 3.0 MHz
■Low standby current with reset = low (typ.35 μA @ VDD)
■Open load detection (outputs off)
■Single VDDlogic supply
■High EMS immunity and low EME (controlledoutput slopes)
■Full functionality of the remaining device atnegative voltage drop on outputs (-1.5 V or-3.0 A)

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