FAN73896MX   ON
FAN73896MX   ON
FAN73896MX   ON
FAN73896MX   ON


FAN73896MX   ON

• Floating Channel for Bootstrap Operation to +600 V
• Typically 350 mA/650 mA Sourcing/Sinking Current−Driving Capability for All Channels
• Extended Allowable Negative VS Swing to −9.8 V for Signal Propagation at VDD = VBS = 15 V
• Output In−Phase with Input Signal
• Over−Current Shutdown Turns Off All Six Drivers
• Matched Propagation Delay for All Channels
• 3.3 V and 5.0 V Input Logic Compatible
• Adjustable Fault−Clear Timing
• Built−in Advanced Input Filter
• Built−in Shoot−Through Prevention Logic
• Built−in Soft Turn−Off Function
• Common−Mode dv/dt Noise−Canceling Circuit
• Built−in UVLO Functions for All Channels
• This is a Pb−Free Device

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