L9301-TR ST

L9301-TR   ST
L9301-TR   ST
L9301-TR   ST
L9301-TR   ST

L9301-TR ST

L9301-TR   ST

 AEC-Q100 qualified
 Eight integrated PowerMOS configurable as: – 8 low side ON-OFF with RON(max) = 0.3 Ω @ Tj = 175 °C – High/low side PWM with RON(max) = 0.6 Ω @ Tj = 175 °C and 4 Low side with RON(max) = 0.3 Ω @ Tj = 175 °C
 Operating battery supply voltage 5 V to 18 V
 Operating Vdd supply voltage 4.75 V to 5.25 V
 Logic inputs TTL/CMOS-compatible
 Output voltage clamping 37 V typ. in low-side configuration
 SPI interface for outputs control and for diagnosis data communication
 Additional PWM inputs for 8 outputs
 Over temperature protection
 Open load, short to GND, short to VB
 Overcurrent diagnostics in latched or unlatched mode for each channel
 Controlled SR for improved EMC behavior

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