LV8811G-AH   ON
LV8811G-AH   ON
LV8811G-AH   ON
LV8811G-AH   ON


LV8811G-AH   ON

∙3-phase full wave (sinusoidal) drive
∙Any practical combination of slot and pole can be handled. (e.g. 3S2P, 3S4P, 6S4P, 6S8P, 12S8P, 9S12P and so on)
∙Built-in power FETs (P-MOS/N-MOS)
∙Speed control function by direct PWM or DC voltage input
∙Minimum input PWM duty cycle can be configured by voltage input
∙Soft start-up function and soft shutdown function
∙Soft PWM duty cycle transitions
∙Built-in current limit circuit and thermal protection circuit
∙Regulated voltage output pin for Hall sensor bias
∙Built-in locked rotor protection and auto recovery circuit
∙FG signal output
∙Dynamic lead angle adjustment with respect to rotational speed
∙Lead-angle control parameters can be configured by voltage inputs.

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