NCP1207ADR2G    ON
NCP1207ADR2G    ON
NCP1207ADR2G    ON
NCP1207ADR2G    ON


NCP1207ADR2G    ON

• Free−Running Borderline/Critical Mode Quasi−Resonant Operation
• Current−Mode with Adjustable Skip−Cycle Capability
• No Auxiliary Winding VCC Operation
• Auto−Recovery Overcurrent Protection
• Latching Overvoltage Protection
• External Latch Triggering, e.g. Via Overtemperature Signal
• 500 mA Peak Current Source/Sink Capability
• Undervoltage Lockout for VCC Below 10 V
• Internal 1.0 ms Soft−Start
• Internal 8.0 s Minimum TOFF for NCP1207A,
4.5 s Minimum TOFF for NCP1207B
• Adjustable Skip Level
• Internal Temperature Shutdown
• Direct Optocoupler Connection
• SPICE Models Available for TRANsient Analysis
• These are Pb−Free and Halide−Free Devices

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