NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON

NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON
NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON
NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON
NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON


NCP1568S02DBR2G   ON

• Topology and Control Scheme
♦ Active Clamp Flyback Topology Aids in ZVS
♦ Proprietary Multi−Mode Operation to Enhance Light Load Efficiency
♦ Proprietary Adaptive ZVS Allows High Frequency Operation while Reducing EMI
♦ Inbuilt Adaptive Dead−Time for Both Main and Active Clamp FETs
♦ Peak Current−Mode Control with Inbuilt Slope Compensation with Options
♦ Flexible Control Scheme and Programmability Allow for Configuration with Either External Silicon or GaN FETs
• DCM and Light Load Operation
♦ Customer Programmable Optional Transition to DCM
♦ Integrated Frequency Foldback with Minimum Frequency Clamp for Highest Performance in Standby Mode
♦ Minimum Frequency Clamp and Quiet Skip Eliminates Audible Noise
♦ Standby Power < 30 mW
• Integrated HV and Startup Circuits
♦ 700 V Startup Circuit
♦ AC Line Brownout Detect
• Drivers
♦ 0.85 A/1.5 A Source/Sink for Low Side
♦ 65 mA/150 mA Active Clamp Driver Output

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