NCP4305ADR2G    ON
NCP4305ADR2G    ON
NCP4305ADR2G    ON
NCP4305ADR2G    ON


NCP4305ADR2G    ON

• Self−Contained Control of Synchronous Rectifier in CCM, DCM and QR for Flyback, Forward or LLC Applications
• Precise True Secondary Zero Current Detection
• Typically 12 ns Turn off Delay from Current Sense Input to Driver
• Rugged Current Sense Pin (up to 200 V)
• Ultrafast Turn−off Trigger Interface/Disable Input (7.5 ns)
• Adjustable Minimum ON−Time
• Adjustable Minimum OFF-Time with Ringing Detection
• Adjustable Maximum ON−Time for CCM Controlling of Primary QR Controller
• Improved Robust Self Synchronization Capability
• 8 A / 4 A Peak Current Sink / Source Drive Capability
• Operating Voltage Range up to VCC = 35 V
• Automatic Light−load & Disable Mode
• Adaptive Gate Drive Clamp
• GaN Transistor Driving Capability (options A and C)
• Low Startup and Disable Current Consumption
• Maximum Operation Frequency up to 1 MHz
• SOIC-8 and DFN−8 (4x4) and WDFN8 (2x2) Packages
• These are Pb−Free Devices

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