NCV1060BD100R2G ON

NCV1060BD100R2G    ON
NCV1060BD100R2G    ON
NCV1060BD100R2G    ON
NCV1060BD100R2G    ON

NCV1060BD100R2G ON

NCV1060BD100R2G    ON

• Built−in 670 V MOSFET with RDS(on) of 34 (NCV1060) and 11.4 (NCV1063)
• Large Creepage Distance Between High−voltage Pins
• Current−Mode Fixed Frequency Operation – 60 kHz or 100 kHz
• Adjustable Peak Current: see below table
• Fixed Ramp Compensation
• Direct Feedback Connection for Non−isolated Converter
• Internal and Adjustable Over Power Protection (OPP) Circuit
• Skip−Cycle Operation at Low Peak Currents Only
• Dynamic Self−Supply: No Need for an Auxiliary Winding
• Internal 4 ms Soft−Start
• Auto−Recovery Output Short Circuit Protection with Timer−Based Detection
• Auto−Recovery Overvoltage Protection with Auxiliary Winding Operation
• Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature
• No Load Input Consumption < 50 mW

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