• 16-Bit CPU12X
— Upward compatible with MC9S12 instruction set with the exception of five Fuzzy instructions (MEM, WAV, WAVR, REV, REVW) which have been removed
— Enhanced indexed addressing
— Access to large data segments independent of PPAGE
• INT (interrupt module)
— Eight levels of nested interrupts
— Flexible assignment of interrupt sources to each interrupt level.
— External non-maskable high priority interrupt (XIRQ)
— Internal non-maskable high priority Memory Protection Unit interrupt
— Up to 24 pins on ports J, H and P configurable as rising or falling edge sensitive interrupts
• EBI (external bus interface)(available in 208-Pin and 144-Pin packages only)
— Up to four chip select outputs to select 16K, 1M, 2M and up to 4MByte address spaces
— Each chip select output can be configured to complete transaction on either the time-out of one of the two wait state generators or the deassertion of EWAIT signal
• MMC (module mapping control)
• DBG (debug module)
— Monitoring of CPU and/or XGATE busses with tag-type or force-type breakpoint requests
— 64 x 64-bit circular trace buffer captures change-of-flow or memory access information
• BDM (background debug mode)
• MPU (memory protection unit)
— 8 address regions definable per active program task
— Address range granularity as low as 8-bytes
— No write / No execute Protection Attributes
— Non-maskable interrupt on access violation
— Programmable, high performance I/O coprocessor module
— Transfers data to or from all peripherals and RAM without CPU intervention or CPU wait states
— Performs logical, shifts, arithmetic, and bit operations on data
— Can interrupt the HCS12X CPU signalling transfer completion
— Triggers from any hardware module as well as from the CPU possible
— Two interrupt levels to service high priority tasks
— Hardware support for stack pointer initialisation
• OSC_LCP (oscillator)
— Low power loop control Pierce oscillator utilizing a 4MHz to 16MHz crystal
— Good noise immunity
— Full-swing Pierce option utilizing a 2MHz to 40MHz crystal
— Transconductance sized for optimum start-up margin for typical crystals
• IPLL (Internally filtered, frequency modulated phase-locked-loop clock generation)
— No external components required
— Configurable option to spread spectrum for reduced EMC radiation (frequency modulation)

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