SAK-TC213L-8F133N AC Infineon




The TC22x / TC21x product family has the following features:
• High Performance Microcontroller with one CPU core
• Power Efficient scalar TriCore CPU (TC1.6E), having the following features:
– Binary code compatibility with TC1.6P
– 133 MHz operation at full temperature range
– 88 Kbyte Data Scratch-Pad RAM (DSPR)
– 8 Kbyte Instruction Scratch-Pad RAM (PSPR)
– 8 Kbyte Instruction Cache (ICACHE)
– 4 line read buffer (DRB)
• Lockstepped shadow core for TC1.6E
• Multiple on-chip memories
– All embedded NVM and SRAM are ECC protected
– 1 Mbyte Program Flash Memory (PFLASH)
– 96 Kbyte Data Flash Memory (DFLASH) usable for EEPROM emulation
– BootROM (BROM)
• 16-Channel DMA Controller with safe data transfer
• Sophisticated interrupt system (ECC protected)
• High performance on-chip bus structure
– 64-bit Cross Bar Interconnect (SRI) giving fast parallel access between bus masters, CPUs and memories
– 32-bit System Peripheral Bus (SPB) for on-chip peripheral and functional units
– One bus bridge (SFI Bridge)
• Safety Management Unit (SMU) handling safety monitor alarms
• Memory Test Unit with ECC, Memory Initialization and MBIST functions (MTU)
• Hardware I/O Monitor (IOM) for checking of digital I/O
• Versatile On-chip Peripheral Units
– Two Asynchronous/Synchronous Serial Channels (ASCLIN) with hardware LIN support (V1.3, V2.0, V2.1 and J2602) up to 50 MBaud
– Four Queued SPI Interface Channels (QSPI) with master and slave capability up to 50 Mbit/s
– One MultiCAN+ Module with 3 CAN nodes each and 128 free assignable message objects for high efficiency data handling via FIFO buffering and gateway data transfer
– 4 Single Edge Nibble Transmission (SENT) channels for connection to sensors
– One Generic Timer Module (GTM) providing a powerful set of digital signal filtering and timer functionality to realize autonomous and complex Input/Output management
– One Capture / Compare 6 module (Two kernels CCU60 and CCU61)
– One General Purpose 12 Timer Unit (GPT120)
• Versatile Successive Approximation ADC (VADC)
– Cluster of 2 independent ADC kernels
– Input voltage range from 0 V to 5.5V (ADC supply)
• Digital programmable I/O ports
• On-chip debug support for OCDS Level 1 (CPUs, DMA, On Chip Buses)
• Four/five wire JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) or DAP (Device Access Port) interface
• Power Management System and on-chip regulators
• Clock Generation Unit with System PLL
• Embedded Voltage Regulator

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