SAK-XC2268N-40F80LR Infineon




• High-performance CPU with five-stage pipeline and MPU
– 12.5 ns instruction cycle @ 80 MHz CPU clock (single-cycle execution)
– One-cycle 32-bit addition and subtraction with 40-bit result
– One-cycle multiplication (16 × 16 bit)
– Background division (32 / 16 bit) in 21 cycles
– One-cycle multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) instructions
– Enhanced Boolean bit manipulation facilities
– Zero-cycle jump execution
– Additional instructions to support HLL and operating systems
– Register-based design with multiple variable register banks
– Fast context switching support with two additional local register banks
– 16 Mbytes total linear address space for code and data
– 1,024 Bytes on-chip special function register area (C166 Family compatible)
– Integrated Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
• Interrupt system with 16 priority levels providing 96 interrupt nodes
– Selectable external inputs for interrupt generation and wake-up
– Fastest sample-rate 12.5 ns
• Eight-channel interrupt-driven single-cycle data transfer with Peripheral Event Controller (PEC), 24-bit pointers cover total address space
• Clock generation from internal or external clock sources, using on-chip PLL or prescaler
• Hardware CRC-Checker with Programmable Polynomial to Supervise On-Chip Memory Areas
• On-chip memory modules
– 8 Kbytes on-chip stand-by RAM (SBRAM)
– 2 Kbytes on-chip dual-port RAM (DPRAM)
– Up to 16 Kbytes on-chip data SRAM (DSRAM)
– Up to 16 Kbytes on-chip program/data SRAM (PSRAM)
– Up to 320 Kbytes on-chip program memory (Flash memory)
– Memory content protection through Error Correction Code (ECC)
• On-Chip Peripheral Modules
– Two synchronizable A/D Converters with up to 16 channels, 10-bit resolution, conversion time below 1 μs, optional data preprocessing (data reduction, range check), broken wire detection
– 16-channel general purpose capture/compare unit (CC2)
– Two capture/compare units for flexible PWM signal generation (CCU6x)
– Multi-functional general purpose timer unit with 5 timers
– Up to 6 serial interface channels to be used as UART, LIN, high-speed synchronous channel (SPI/QSPI), IIC bus interface (10-bit addressing, 400 kbit/s), IIS interface
– On-chip MultiCAN interface (Rev. 2.0B active) with up to 256 message objects (Full CAN/Basic CAN) on up to 6 CAN nodes and gateway functionality
– On-chip system timer and on-chip real time clock
• Up to 12 Mbytes external address space for code and data
– Programmable external bus characteristics for different address ranges
– Multiplexed or demultiplexed external address/data buses
– Selectable address bus width
– 16-bit or 8-bit data bus width
– Four programmable chip-select signals
• Single power supply from 3.0 V to 5.5 V
• Power reduction and wake-up modes with flexible power management
• Programmable watchdog timer and oscillator watchdog
• Up to 76 general purpose I/O lines
• On-chip bootstrap loaders
• Supported by a full range of development tools including C compilers, macroassembler packages, emulators, evaluation boards, HLL debuggers, simulators, logic analyzer disassemblers, programming boards
• On-chip debug support via Device Access Port (DAP) or JTAG interface
• 100-pin Green LQFP package, 0.5 mm (19.7 mil) pitch

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