TLE7368E Infineon

TLE7368E    Infineon
TLE7368E    Infineon
TLE7368E    Infineon
TLE7368E    Infineon

TLE7368E Infineon

TLE7368E    Infineon

• High efficient next generation microcontroller power supply system
• Wide battery input voltage range < 4.5 V up to 45 V
• Operating temperature range Tj = -40 °C to +150 °C
• Pre-regulator for low all over power loss: Integrated current mode Buck converter 5.5 V/2.5 A
• Post-regulators, e.g. for system and controller I/O supply:
– LDO1: 5 V ±2%, 800 mA current limit
– LDO2: 3.3 V ±2% or 2.6V ±2% (selectable output), 700 mA current limit
• Integrated linear regulator control circuit to supply controller cores:
– LDO3 control for an external NPN power stage: 1.5 V ±2%
• Post-regulators for off board supply: – 2 Tracking regulators following the main 5 V, 105 mA and 50 mA
• Stand-by regulator with lowest current consumption:
– Linear voltage regulator as stand-by supply for e.g. memory circuits
– Hardware selectable output voltages as 1.0 V or 2.6 V, 30 mA
– Independent battery input, separated from Buck regulator input
• Hardware controlled on/off logic
• Undervoltage detection:
– Undervoltage reset circuits with adjustable reset delay time at power up
– Undervoltage monitoring circuit on stand-by supply
• Window watchdog circuit
• Overcurrent protection on all regulators
• Power sequencing on controller supplies
• Overtemperature shutdown
• Packages: Low Rthja power P-DSO-36-12; small exposed pad PG-DSO-36-24
• PG-DSO-36-24 only: Green Product (RoHS compliant)
• AEC Qualified

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