TLE9262BQX Infineon

TLE9262BQX Infineon
TLE9262BQX Infineon
TLE9262BQX Infineon
TLE9262BQX Infineon

TLE9262BQX Infineon

TLE9262BQX Infineon

Summary of Features

  • Very low quiescent current consumption in Stop- and Sleep Mode
  • Periodic Cyclic Wake in SBC Normal- and Stop Mode
  • Periodic Cyclic Sense in SBC Normal-, Stop- and Sleep Mode
  • Low-Drop Voltage Regulator 5V, 250mA
  • Low-Drop Voltage Regulator 5V, 100mA, protected features for off-board usage
  • Low-Drop Voltage Regulator, driving an external PNP transistor - 5V in load sharing configuration or 5V/3.3V in stand-alone configuration, protected features for off-board usage. Current limitation by shunt resistor (up to 350mA with 470mΩ external shunt resistor) in stand-alone configuration
  • High-Speed CAN Transceiver:
    – fully compliant to HS-CAN standard ISO 11898-2:2016
    – supporting CAN FD communication up to 5 Mbps
  • LIN Transceiver LIN 2.2a, J2602 with configurable TXD timeout feature and LIN Flash Mode
  • Fully compliant to “Hardware Requirements for LIN, CAN and FlexRay Interfaces in Automotive Applications” Revision 1.3, 2012-05-04
  • Four High-Side Outputs 7Ω typ.
  • Dedicated supply pin for High-Side Outputs
  • Two General Purpose High-Voltage In- and Outputs (GPIOs) configurable as add. Fail Outputs, Wake Inputs,Low-Side switches or High-Side switches
  • Three universal High-Voltage Wake Inputs for voltage level monitoring
  • Alternate High-Voltage Measurement Function, e.g. for battery voltage sensing
  • Configurable wake-up sources
  • Reset Output
  • Configurable timeout and window watchdog
  • Up to three Fail Outputs (depending on configuration)
  • Overtemperature and short circuit protection feature
  • Wide supply input voltage and temperature range
  • Software compatible to all SBC families TLE926x and TLE927x
  • Green Product (RoHS compliant) & AEC Qualified
  • PG-VQFN-48 leadless exposed-pad power package with Lead Tip Inspection (LTI) feature to support Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

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