•Wide Input Voltage: 4.5 V to 65 V can support a range of step-up or step-down driver • Wide Output Voltage Range: 2 V to 65 V topologies. The device implements a fixed-frequency
• Low Input Offset Rail-to-Rail Current Sense peak current mode control technique with Amplifier programmable switching frequency, slope compensation, and soft-start timing. It incorporates a – Better than ±3% LED Current Accuracy over high voltage (65-V) rail-to-rail current sense amplifier 25°C to 140°C Junction Temperature Range that can directly measure LED current using either a – Compatible With High-Side and Low-Side high-side or a low-side series sense resistor. The Current Sense Implementations amplifier is designed to achieve low input offset
• High-Impedance Analog LED Current Adjust Input voltage and attain better than ±3% LED current (IADJ) With over 15:1 Contrast Ratio accuracy over junction temperature range of 25°C to 140°C and output common-mode voltage range of 0
• Over 1000:1 Series FET PWM Dimming Ratio to 60 V. With Integrated Series N-Channel Dim Driver Interface LED current can be independently modulated using either analog or PWM dimming techniques. Linear • Continuous LED Current Monitor Output for analog dimming response with 15:1 range is obtained System Fault Detection and Diagnoses by varying the voltage from 140 mV to 2.25 V across
• Programmable Switching Frequency With External the high impedance analog adjust (IADJ) input. PWM Clock Synchronization Capability dimming of LED current is achieved by modulating
• Programmable Soft-Start and Slope the PWM input pin with the desired duty cycle and Compensation frequency. Optional DDRV gate driver output can be used to enable series FET dimming functionality to
• Comprehensive Fault Protection Circuitry get over 1000:1 contrast ratio. Including VCC Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO), Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Cycle-by- The TPS92691/-Q1 supports continuous LED status Cycle Switch Current Limit, and Thermal check through the current monitor (IMON) output. This allows for LED short circuit or open circuit Protection detection and protection. Additional fault protection
• TPS92691-Q1: Automotive Q100 Grade 1 features include VCC UVLO, output OVP, switch Qualified

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