UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03 microchip

UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03  Microchip
UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03  Microchip
UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03  Microchip
UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03  Microchip

UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03 Microchip

UCS81003AMR-C1A-V03  Microchip

• Port Power Switch with Two Current Limit Behaviors
- 2.9V to 5.5V Source Voltage Range
- Up to 3.0A Current (2.85A typical) with 55 m
 on Resistance
- Overcurrent Trip or Constant Current Limiting
- Soft Turn-On Circuitry
- Programmable Current Limit
- Dynamic Thermal Management
- Undervoltage and Overvoltage Lockout
- Back-Drive, Back-Voltage Protection
- Latch or Auto-Recovery (Low Test Current) Fault Handling
- Selectable Active-High or Active-Low Power Switch Enable
- BC1.2 VBUS Discharge Port Renegotiation Function
• Selectable/Automatic Cycling of Universal Serial Bus (USB) Data Line Charger Emulation Profiles
- USB-IF BC1.2 Charging Downstream Port (CDP) and Dedicated Charging Port (DCP) modes, Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009 and most Apple® Inc. and RIM® Protocols Standard; others as defined via the SMBus 2.0/I2C Protocol
- Supports 12W Charging Emulation
- USB 2.0 Compliant High-Speed Data Switch (in Data Pass-Through, SDP and CDP modes)
- Nine Preloaded Charger Emulation Profiles for Maximum Compatibility Coverage of the Peripheral Devices
- One Custom-Programmable Charger Emulation Profile for Portable Device Support for Fully Host-Controlled Charger Emulation
• Supports Active Cables
• Self-Contained Current Monitoring and Rationing for Power-Allocation Applications
• Low-Power Attach Detection and Open-Drain (A_DET#) Pin
• Ultra Low-Power Sleep State
• Optional Split Supply Support for VS and VDD for Low-Power in System Standby States
• Wake on Attach USB
• SMBus 2.0/I2C Communications
- Supports Block Write and Read
- Multiple SMBus Addresses
• Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
• IEC61000-4-2 8/15 kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Immunity

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