GUARDIAN briefly introduces the characteristics of Best Price Electronics Component

GUARDIAN briefly introduces the characteristics of Best Price Electronics Component

An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields.

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Abundant global procurement channels and customer resources, differentiated price advantages. In-depth cooperation with original factories such as NXP/ST/INFINEON, and has exclusive supply resources of automotive, industrial and other product lines. Cooperate with global agents of Arrow/ AVNET/ WPI/ WT to make in-depth cooperation in the whole area and multiple dimensions, allocate their global inventory resources.

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Fast and timely delivery ability to satisfy customer production and delivery. 2 hours quick quote response 2-7 days for timely delivery of actions Timely after-sales feedback

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Professional quality control and service mechanism: Ensure the quality of delivered materials. Professional supplier introduction mechanism and strict supplier qualification assessment mechanism. Professional incoming inspection mechanism. In-depth cooperation with professional third-party testing institutions.

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Positive Guardian/Taitao team: Consistently efficient and dynamic. The senior leadership team has over 20 years of rich experience, offering customers professional information integration resources. Young sales team always maintains a passionate state to provide customers with more efficient and high-quality services.

All Electronics Components basic information

 Guardian International Electronics Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Taitao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. fpga chip exporters, It is an fpgas chip supply, automotive -grade chip supply chain service provider integrating agency and distribution.
 We are committed to providing electronic component solutions for global automotive electronic product manufacturers, it involve new energy, communication, medical, industrial and other fields. 

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Active components

Active components rely on a source of energy (usually from the DC circuit, which we have chosen to ignore) and usually can inject power into a circuit, though this is not part of the definition.[1] Active components include amplifying components such as transistors, triode vacuum tubes (valves), and tunnel diodes.

Active components

What are the functions of electronics component | GUARDIAN

electronics components
1. Resistor: Its function is to limit the passage of voltage and current; Capacitor: It plays the function of cross-connection coupling, filtering, direct communication and tuning; 2. Inductance: overpassing
Flow DC, block high frequency, pass low frequency or filter, that is, the high frequency signal will encounter resistance when passing through the inductance coil, and the resistance presented when the low frequency signal passes is relatively small, that is,
Low-frequency signals can pass through more easily, and the resistance of the inductance coil to DC is almost zero; 3. Diodes: play the role of rectification, detection and voltage stabilization; 4. Transistor: play the role of
To amplify the AC and pulse current and impedance transformation; 5. Integrated circuit: play the role of centralized application of the above functions. | GUARDIAN

What are the functions of electronics component | GUARDIAN

Passive components

Passive components cannot introduce net energy into the circuit. They also cannot rely on a source of power, except for what is available from the (AC) circuit they are connected to. As a consequence, they cannot amplify (increase the power of a signal), although they may increase a voltage or current (such as is done by a transformer or resonant circuit). Passive components include two-terminal components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers.

Passive components

Electromechanical components

 Electromechanical components can carry out electrical operations by using moving parts or by using electrical connections.

Electromechanical components
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Supplying in small quantities; Providing scheduled supply; Support.

Scheduling: Distributors buy and store electronic components. They quickly deliver them when they are needed. Fewer suppliers: Using a distributor reduces the number of suppliers needed. One distributor can be the supplier for multiple sources of components. This streamlines the production and reduces costs. Quality standards: Distributors are certified dealers. They only buy from reliable manufacturers. This reduces the risk of counterfeit electronics entering the supply chain. Experienced staff: Most distributors employ proficient staff. They can help select and procure parts for the right applications. Buyers don’t need to give many instructions or micromanage the process.

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